Advent Calendar

Welcome to the St. Margaret Mary Advent Calendar!

We continue our tradition at St. Margaret Mary, offering an Advent Calendar, inviting you and your family to enter into the spirit of the Advent season.

Place your mouse pointer over the door you want to open. After the door opens, click your mouse to see the image, which includes a quotation from Scripture for the Advent Season. Please visit this calendar often through Advent.

Hint: Wait for the hand hand image to appear before clicking the mouse.

The calendar is currently set to open any door below only through today. To see the doors open for every date through Christmas, Click Here.

Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
Dec 03First Sunday of AdventDecember 03 Dec 04December 04 Dec 05December 05 Dec 06December 06 Dec 07December 07 Dec 08December 08 Dec 09December 09
Dec 10Second Sunday of AdventDecember 10 Dec 11December 11 Dec 12December 12 Dec 13December 13 Dec 14December 14 Dec 15December 15 Dec 16December 16
Dec 17Third Sunday of AdventDecember 17 Dec 18December 18 Dec 19  Dec 20  Dec 21  Dec 22  Dec 23 
Dec 24Fourth Sunday of Advent  Dec 25Christmas Day 

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