RCIA 2019: Meet George Stonesifer

George Stonesifer
George Stonesifer

Our RCIA candidate for 2019, George Stonesifer, offers these reflections about his journey of faith:

In 2006 my wife, Susan was baptized as a Catholic after completing the RCIA process with Father David Turner of the St. Procopius Abby. Susan’s association with St. Procopius Abby, other clergy, and Benedictine University as an Office Manager, Student Advisor for students seeking a Master’s Degree in Organizational Behavior, helped build a deep foundation for her faith.

Father David was a fountain of spiritual knowledge and an inspiration to both Susan and indirectly to me. Watching Susan become more and more involved and fulfilled made me realize, I wanted to learn about, focus on, and better understand my relationship with God.

I began my RCIA journey in the fall of 2018 because of the positive impact becoming Catholic had on Susan. But I also felt the need to associate myself with the Catholic faith and other Catholics. I began attending Mass and could feel the spiritual strength of the congregation. This strength has led me to see our church as a living, evolving and growing spiritual entity.

With the help of my RCIA group and in particular my sponsor, Danny Champion, I want to be baptized in the spring of 2019.

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