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St. Margaret Mary has provided an option for automated donations since 2005. Liturgical Publications, Inc. which has served thousands of Catholic parishes for many years, provides an automated service called WeShare.

If you are an existing ParishPay user, your account has been migrated to WeShare. If you have not already done so, please: Verify your new WeShare account here.

WeShare provides an alternate way to give instead of using envelopes. The program will collect contributions from your checking, savings, or credit card account. There is no cost to you.

Automated giving:

  • Means no more check writing or envelopes to remember
  • Allows you to plan your giving, in the same way you budget your other financial commitments
  • Means you no longer have to be concerned about catching up missed Offertory gift when you miss a Mass because you are out of town, on vacation, ill, etc.
  • Provides you the means to manage your account online at, where you can adjust the amount of your contribution, get a record of your giving, etc.

You can enroll in any of these ways:

There is no cost to parishioners. St. Margaret Mary pays a fee of about 2% of donations using automatic debits to a checking, savings, or brokerage account. St. Margaret Mary pays a total of 4% to 5% of donations using a credit card.

After setting up your account, WeShare will process authorized donations, at your choice — either weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, quarterly, or annually — and credit all collected funds to the parish's bank account. All new enrollments and transactions are input at WeShare within a week of receipt.

Enrollment is good until cancelled, and parishioners do not need to re-register every year. Parishioners can stop their donations at any time. Parishioners can also donate a one-time gift. WeShare will never release any financial information to any party for any reason, except as required by law.

WeShare is fully committed to the security of your financial information. Please see their information on our WeShare Security page.

Please consider this opportunity to be good stewards of God's gifts. Learn more here about our parish's commitment to stewardship.

Thank you for your continuing generosity to St. Margaret Mary. We hope you will take advantage of this option. If you have questions, please call Michael Prus at 630-369-0777, or e-mail at .

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