Hearts on Fire

Hearts on Fire

We are a mission-focused parish.

Being a mission-focused parish means that we believe God has called our parish into existence to serve God’s purpose. Because of this we seek to order the life of our parish in response to God’s call for us. We believe that God has given our parish a unique call that has not been given to any other parish; and because of this it is our primary task to discern this calling and to order the life of our parish in response to it.

Our Leadership Community (consisting of our parish council, pastoral staff and our pastor) are committed to a regular discipline of theological reflection in our effort to discern God’s calling for us. This discernment process began with one-on-one interviews with parishioners in order to better understand the world they live in. It included analyzing the information from these interviews and then interpreting our findings in light of Scripture, Catholic Teaching and our Catholic theological and spiritual traditions.

After a year of prayerful study and reflection, our parish Leadership Community has discerned the following parish theme and calling to guide the life of our parish for the next two years. This new theme and calling builds upon our previous parish theme and calling that is based on new insights and deeper reflection.

Our Parish Theme and Calling

Pope Francis and our Parish Theme

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