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Hearts on Fire

Hearts on Fire!

Come Encounter Jesus

Embrace His Kingdom

In his second letter to the pastoral leader Timothy, St. Paul encourages him to “stir into flame the gift of God that you have” (II Tim. 1:6). As a welcoming and inclusive community of prayer, contemplation and simplicity we seek to stir into flame the gift of faith we have been given. This gift of faith comes through a personal encounter with Jesus Our Lord and is stirred into flame by embracing his Kingdom.

Encounter Jesus

We live in a time of uncertainty about the future of Catholic parish life we have known. Religion no longer holds a special place for many in our Naperville/Lisle Community and we can no longer make assumptions about what our parishioners believe. At the same time we sense a deep hunger for the eternal truths of the Gospel not solely focused on rules, laws and prohibitions.

As followers of Jesus the Christ and members of the Catholic Church, we believe we are called to new and full lives that include a personal, active, genuine encounter with Jesus, Our Lord. We believe these energized relationships will allow us to empower others to follow Jesus in a purposeful way.

Embrace His Kingdom

We do not always see the needs of others and engage these needs with an active faith life. The response to Pope Francis has shown us that there is a longing for an authentic Gospel-based Christianity grounded in love, forgiveness and mercy.

As followers of Jesus the Christ and members of the Catholic Church, we are called to live authentic Christian lives committed to God’s Kingdom; demonstrating the principles of love, forgiveness and mercy. We believe that living this way begins with our fellow parishioners and extends to the entire world.

St. Paul reminds Timothy that “God has not given us a spirit of timidity but rather of power and love” (II Tim. 1:7). For this reason we are moved to be bold in response to our call. By the power of the Holy Spirit we believe we can overcome our fears; move out of our comfort zones; and embrace the entire world in the way Jesus has taught us.

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