Fred Straub

Fred Straub
Fred Straub

Deacon Fred Straub, after serving as fulltime Pastoral Care Coordinator and Facility Manager at Holy Family Parish and School in Shorewood, re-joined the St. Margaret Mary staff beginning July 1, 2012.

Deacon Fred recently retired from full-time ministry at Holy Family Parish in Shorewood, IL. He previously served at SMM as a Deacon from Sept. 1989 through July 1, 2001.

Commenting on his return to SMMP Fred said, I am excited about renewing my friendships at SMM and meeting parishioners here for the first time. I look forward to assisting Father Paul in ministry and Deacon Ken, whom I worked with before and Deacon Terry, whom I knew as a parishioner before he was ordained. I have heard much praise for Father Paul and the Deacons. I feel at home at SMM.

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