Fr. Paul Hottinger

Fr. Paul
Rev. Paul A. Hottinger, M.A., M.P.S.

Fr. Paul joined the SMMP family in 2007. Father was ordained in 1975. He has served as Liaison to the Charismatic Renewal in the Diocese of Joliet for 26 years, served as pastor of St. Francis Church, Bolingbrook, and St. Joseph Church, Downers Grove.

Fr. Paul attended the Pontifical College Josephinum School of Theology in Columbus, Ohio, the Institute of Spiritual Leadership in Chicago, and Loyola University. He has taught Scripture courses at St. Francis College in Joliet, the Diaconate program, and adult formation at the parish level. He has worked in the area of spiritual direction and has conducted days of recollection, seminars and workshops on spirituality.

Father is widely read in many academic fields and keeps up with current scientific, economic, philosophical, and sociological books and journals, as well as religious and secular periodicals.

Along with a strong academic study of theology and spirituality, Fr. Paul has a balance of faith issues on the emotional and pastoral level. He is active in the Charismatic Renewal, Cursillo, Recovery Circles Foundation, and community organizing with DuPage United. Father’s own spirituality is Incarnational: Jesus is the Son of God continually incarnate in the community, in the body of the Church. Father lives in openness to the power and guidance of the Holy Spirit, not only in his own life, but recognizes and encourages openness to that enlightenment in his staff, pastoral council, parishioners, and all people. He personally pursues and encourages others toward continual growth, study, and prayer seeing contemplation as a way of life. Father understands his role as that of preaching the word of God and invites all to continue Jesus’ mission in the world bringing healing and wholeness to everyday life which includes the family, the workplace, and political life.

Please see Fr. Paul´s Homilies home page on our parish web site, to explore a large collection of his reflections on the Scriptures, and on a wide variety of topics related to the Catholic faith.

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