2015-11-27 Look at the Signs of the Times

2015-11-28 Prepare

2015-11-25 The Sense of Scale

2015-11-26 Thoughtful Reflection on Blessings

2015-11-22 The Work of Building the Kingdom, Sunday

2015-11-23 Introduction to the Book of Daniel

2015-11-24 God in Our Midst

2015-11-20 Temple Rituals vs Spirit of Worship, Healing

2015-11-21 Life Everlasting

2015-11-18 Pretentious Governments

2015-11-20 A House of Prayer

2015-11-16 True God vs False Gods

2015-11-17 Renewed through Trauma

2015-11-13 Be Watchful

2015-11-14 Persistence in Prayer

2015-11-09 Living Temple

2015-11-10 The Envy of the Devil

2015-11-11 Gifts for the Common Good

2015-11-07 Dishonest Wealth vs Love

2015-11-08 Risking for God, Sunday

2015-11-04 Renouncing All for God

2015-11-05 Virtuous Indifference

2015-11-02 New Hope for Everyone

2015-11-03 St Paul’s Christian Ethic

2015-11-01 Doing Your Best Sunday, School

2015-11-01 Salavation, an Ongoing Project, Sunday

2015-10-27 Waiting In Hope

2015-10-28 All Chosen with Flaws

2015-10-31 Covenanted Salvation of the Jews

2015-10-24 Living in Flesh or Spirit

2015-10-26 Work of the Sabbath

2015-10-20 Big Picture of Life

2015-10-21 Redemption in Chirst

2015-10-23 Getting a Heart on Fire

2015-10-19 Superstitious Valuing

2015-10-16 The Sacred Heart Pumping Love, Healing

2015-10-17 Witness to the Holy Spirit

2015-10-14 An Account for Our Lives

2015-10-16 Severity versus Mercy

2015-10-11 Something to Live For, Sunday

2015-10-12 Jesus Is a Sign

2015-10-13 The Knowledge Explosion

2015-10-05 Profound Fiction

2015-10-10 God Becoming All in All

2015-10-02 Gods Initmate Guidance

2015-10-03 Journey of the Heart

2015-09-29 A Paean to the Martyrs

2015-09-30 Scripture, a Living Reality

2015-09-27 Either-Or Moments, Sunday

2015-09-28 Giving Our Lives to God

2015-09-23 True Image of a Saint

2015-09-25 Don’t Have the Categories

2015-09-21 Unity in the Holy Spirit

2015-09-22 Rebuilding the Temple

2015-09-18 Idol Makers, Healing

2015-09-20 Our Journey with and to God, Sunday

2015-09-13 Good Deeds that Show Faith

2015-09-14 Paradox of the Paschal Mystery

2015-09-07 Participating in Dominion

2015-09-08 Good Will To Cooperate with Grace

2015-09-11 Tribalism and Wars

2015-09-05 Pay Attention to Actual Graces

2015-09-06 In Touch with God, Sunday

2015-09-02 Medicine and Faith

2015-09-04 Not Pleasing to Us

2015-08-31 Good News Truned Bad News.

2015-09-01 Co-warriors with Christ

2015-08-30 Inner Landscape, Sunday

2015-08-28 Model for Modern People

2015-08-29 Preferring Property over People

2015-08-25 Scrupulosity vs Balance

2015-08-26 Christian Hypocrisy

2015-07-11 The Genius of St Benedict

2015-08-24 Three Groups for Evangelization

2015-07-10 Caring for the Earth

2015-07-07 Normal Intimacy with God

2015-07-08 Kingdom of Heaven

2015-07-06 Messages from God

2015-06-29 Jesus Needing Confirmation

2015-07-05 Disbelief Cripples, Sunday

2015-06-28 Caring for Those Who Suffer, Sunday

2015-06-26 Signs of God’s Work

2015-06-27 Prayer Intercessors

2015-06-23 Hard Choices and Prudence

2015-06-24 Drenched in the Reality of God

2015-06-22 Reform Oneself

2015-06-19 New Birth in the Spirit, Healing

2015-06-20 Letting Go of Anxiety

2015-06-17 Alms, Fasting, Prayer

2015-04-05 Pondering Our Baptism in Silence, Easter Sunday

2015-06-16 Become like God

2015-04-03 A Glimpse of the Face of God

2015-04-04 Sharing in the Priesthood of Christ, Sunday

2015-03-31 Judas–A Moral Warning

2015-04-01 The Triduum

2015-04-02 Patient Transformation

2015-03-28 Injustice Brings Gratuitous Mercy

2015-03-30 Petty Complaint

2015-03-25 Mary as Our Model, School

2015-03-27 True Freedom

2015-03-22 Facing Jesus Cross and Our Death, Sunday

2015-03-23 In Need of Mercy

2015-03-24 Jesus Is Yahweh

2015-03-20 Really Knowing Jesus

2015-03-21 Transition between Jeremiah and Jesus

2015-03-18 Judgment

2015-03-20 Not an Insult, but an Invitation, Healing

2015-03-15 Gods Richness in Mercy, Sunday

2015-03-16 Personal Experience vs Belief

2015-03-17 Making Trouble for Himself

2015-03-11 Not the Center, Not a Pawn

2015-03-14 Relationship Rather than Action

2015-03-09 Esoteric Seeking

2015-03-10 Conversion, Repentance

2015-03-07 About the Future

2015-03-08 Sacrifice vs Contrite Heart, Sunday

2015-03-03 Self-awareness

2015-03-04 Service and Love

2015-03-06 Obligation to Bear Fruit

2015-03-01 Peak Experiences for Hope, Sunday

2015-03-02 Give and Receive Mercy

2015-02-27 Effect of Inner Attitudes

2015-02-28 The New Normal

2015-02-23 Seeing and Willingness to Do

2015-02-24 Focus on Forgiveness

2015-02-25 People Can Change

2015-02-21 Apostles to Sinners

2015-02-22 Facing Wild Beasts, Sunday

2015-02-18 Going Within

2015-02-20 Right Context for Fasting, Almsgiving, Prayer, Healing

2015-02-16 Fratricide in Society

2015-02-17 A Higher Standard

2015-02-13 Better Than Innocence

2015-02-14 Profound Insights

2015-02-15 Healing and Faith, Sunday, School

2015-02-07 Pity for the Helpless

2015-02-09 Truths in the Creation Story

2015-02-04 Faith Is Commitment to God

2015-02-06 The Cost of Discipleship

2015-02-02 Ritual Redeeming vs Living for God

2015-02-03 Openness to Healing

2015-01-31 Faith Is Realization and Evidence

2015-02-01 Teaching with Authority, Sunday

2015-01-28 Our Unknowing

2015-01-30 Seasons of the Kingdom in Hearts

2015-01-26 Stir into Flame

2015-01-27 Eternal Sacrifice Signified Sacramentally

2015-01-23 A New Heart

2015-01-24 Holiness for Every Vocation

2015-01-25 Transformation through Change, Sunday

2015-01-20 Cultural Interference with Religion

2015-01-21 Chew and Digest Teachings

2015-01-17 The Word Penetrates Everything

2015-01-19 Learning through Suffering

2015-01-16 Healing through Forgiveness, Healing

2015-01-16 Jesus Proving His Identity

2015-01-12 Reflect on Our Call

2015-01-13 With Authority

2015-01-14 Freedom from Fear of Death

2015-01-07 Love Has No Boundary

2015-01-09 Mysticism and Heresies

2015-01-05 leading to God or Lies

2015-01-06 God Is Love

2015-01-03 Trusting in Gods Guidance to Holiness

2015-01-04 Three Manifestations of Jesus, Sunday

2014-12-31 Regeneration

2015-01-01 Keeping All Things in Our Hearts

2014-12-28 The Very Idea of Family, Sunday

2014-12-29 Revealing the Thoughts of Hearts

2014-12-30 Different Meanings for World and Flesh

2014-12-25 The Meaning of the Christmas Story

2014-12-26 Why Stephen Was Martyred

2014-12-22 Marys Magnificat

2014-12-23 Importance of Names

2014-12-17 The Fullness of Time in Jesus

2014-12-19 Embracing Providence in a Jaded World

2014-12-20 Do Not Be Afraid

2014-12-15 Restoring Sacrifice of Ourselves

2014-12-16 Choice and Following Through

2014-12-13 Ongoing Revelation

2014-12-14 The Spirit of the Lord, Sunday

2014-12-10 The Lordship of Jesus

2014-12-12 Mary for Everyone

2014-12-08 Ready and Willing to Do Gods Will

2014-12-09 Our Understanding of God

2014-12-05 Ask God for Light

2014-12-06 Laborers for the Harvest

2014-12-07 Hope for Change, Sunday

2014-12-02 Transformation of Ourselves and Our World

2014-12-03 Our Cooperation Needed for God’s Work

2014-12-01 Election for God’s Purposes