The Christian Service Commission (CSC) is a combination of many committees whose responsibility it is to provide opportunities to serve God and those in need.

The CSC contributes coordination, planning, assessing needs, and aids in establishing the ministry efforts of the parish. Likewise, the commission can serve as a link with the various agencies of the Diocese involved in various aspects of social ministry which includes Catholic Charities, Social Concerns and family ministry.

The CSC also serves to raise the consciousness of our parish community relative to:

  • The biblical basis for social ministry
  • The social teachings of the Church
  • The social issues that confront Christians in today’s society
  • The human needs of people

The CSC implements its goal of meeting human needs by:

  • Attending the immediate needs of people who come to us
  • Acting to deal with the root causes of the problems
  • Speaking out on behalf of others
  • Empowering others to act on their own behalf.