Bible Study at St. Margaret Mary

Bible Study

When is Bible Study?

Bible Study meets weekly on Tuesdays for nine weeks in the fall and nine weeks in the winter. Both morning and evening sessions are offered. The fall semester takes place from September to mid-November, and the winter session takes place from January until early March.

What if I've never read or studied the Bible?

It's okay! No specific academic or Bible Study background is needed. Many first-time participants who come to Bible Study have never read or studied Scripture on their own. We all come to learn!

What happens at Bible Study?

Classes typically start with a prayer and an introduction that includes some background material and/or interesting facts about people, places, or customs of the times. Next, small groups review and discuss the homework questions for about an hour. The remaining class time combines lecture and a question and answer session concerning the Scripture being studied. Bible Study, which lasts approximately 2 hours, concludes with a blessing.

How do I prepare for class?

Preparation includes reading the assigned Scripture passages and answering “homework” questions that are in the Study Guide that you receive when you register for Bible Study.

What if I don't have time to prepare as suggested for class?

You are encouraged to attend even if you didn't have time to do your homework. The Spirit still works and inspires us!

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