Dear St Margaret Mary,

Our acting bishop has written a letter that I concur with completely. If you know of people who are stranded or unable to shop for groceries let us know. We have some volunteers who will step in and others who will make calls to those elderly folks we are aware of but you all can help by letting us know of what you know.

Father Paul

Brothers and Sisters in the Lord,

In this most challenging of times, I am ever so grateful for your ongoing personal support and prayers. It is moments such as these that give solid evidence of our Christian witness.

While we are very sensitive to pastoral needs, we are also called to address charitable and practical concerns.

  • Could you be most attentive to your neighbor’s needs especially of the elderly or others who may be at risk? Check on them. Help them as best you can. Call the Parish if we can be of assistance in any way.
  • Some of our fellow parishioners may be in desperate straits financially. Please report these to us.The parish will respond through the St. Vincent de Paul Society or through an emergency fund which is established for this purpose. You are welcome to contribute to this fund if you are able.The Diocese of Joliet has also established such an emergency fund. Access to assistance is through the respective Pastor of the various parishes. In unusual circumstances, direct contact can be made to the Diocese through the Office of the Bishop at

No question, we must come together in support of one another in prayer but also in material assistance to the degree possible.

In addition to the foregoing, the financial commitments of the parish go on. We will do everything possible to continue to retain and support our parish and school employees. Could I ask you to cooperate with the following insofar as possible?

  • Keep current on your parish commitment? I know this is not possible for some. Do not worry. As the same time, there may be others who are in a position to contribute an additional sum to their ordinary gift. Whatever the case, I am confident you will do the best you can.
  • Another very helpful method which I strongly encourage you to consider is “On-line” or “direct deposit” giving. It is painless, very helpful to the parish and assists individuals such as myself who have a temporary memory lapse occasionally in fulfilling my intended commitment. 
You can easily enroll in either of these ways:
    – sign up at
    – call WeShare at 1-800-950-9952

Our Catholic school and religious education programs are being adapted in such a way that while the parish facilities are closed during the time of the virus requirements, on-line learning by our teachers will go on in order to assist our children to meet expectations to move on to the next grade level this coming fall.

Please keep in contact with the school’s administration and teachers for explanation.

Understanding that family situations may be difficult, it is asked that you keep as current as possible on tuition and other expenses. Your response at this time is very crucial.

The thought that tumbles from my lips at this time is THANK YOU! In giving, we know that we can never surpass God in his generosity to us.

My heartfelt prayers and assurance of my concern and care for you remain,

Sincerely yours in Christ,