As the parish mission states, St. Margaret Mary is guided by “a collegial partnership of laity, pastor, and ministerial staff”.

The Leadership Community at St. Margaret Mary Parish is made up of the Pastor, the Pastoral Council and members of the pastoral staff. The primary responsibilities of the Leadership Community are:

  • To Discern God’s Call for Our Parish
  • To Order the life of the Parish in Response to God’s Call
  • To Develop & Approve a Budget to Support Our Call and Sustain Our Community

To carry out our parish mission and calling we have four Commissions: Administration, Christian Formation, Christian Service, and Christian Worship. Each commission meets regularly to help parishioners live out our parish calling; coordinate the ministries within its area; support the work of the committees with the commission; make decisions appropriate to its function in the parish; and engage in consultation about pastoral matters with the Pastoral Council.

SMMP Leadership

Pastoral Council

Parishioners are invited to provide input to the Pastoral Council either by attending the monthly meeting held the first Tuesday of each month in the Upper Room at 7:00 p.m. (contact the Council President if you would like to address the Council) or by contacting any member of the Council to provide informal comments.

Terry Wagner

Vice President
Kathy O’Rourke

Susan Stonesifer

Mike Anderson
Liz Kruk
Bob Presnak

Administration Commission
Anne Lysaught

Christian Education Commission
Chris Lupo

Christian Service Commission
Mary Kienstra

Christian Worship Commission
Barb Ryan

Staff Representative
Dan Lawler

Youth Representative
Olivia Zabel

Fr. Max Behna

Recording Secretary
Becca Veys

Pastoral Council Documents

Meeting Minutes

Pastoral Council minutes have been edited for sensitive content prior to being placed on this website. The unedited text of the Pastoral Council Minutes may be obtained by any parishioner in the parish office.

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May                   May                            May                                 May                                May
June                   June                           June                                June                               June
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Parish Staff

Administration Commission

Administration Commission

Chuck Marquis

Members at Large
Jeff Jameson
Anne Lysaught
Klaus Rummer

Finance Committee
Sue Schroeder

Business Manager
Michael Prus

Administration Commission

The Administration Commission attends to the effective stewardship of financial, physical, and human resources at SMMP. The commission assists in the oversight of financial affairs, building facilities, and personnel policies and practices. Persons interested in participating on the commission should have a commitment to St. Margaret Mary, good communication and leadership skills, and a willingness to participate in projects of the commission. Skills in specific technical and administrative areas related to the commission’s purposes are quite valuable, but not required. Time commitment will vary depending on what is needed and how much time the member is able to give.

Finance Committee

Susan Schroeder

Members at Large
Mary Gorman
Jeff Kroma
Ofelia Palabrica
Helen Stirk
Cathy Wincup

Business Manager
Michael Prus

Finance Committee

The responsibilities of the Finance Committee are summarized in the Administration Commission Bylaws as follows:

  • Recommend policy and monitor the financial affairs of the Parish.
  • Responsible for budget development, expenditure recommendations and internal auditing.
  • Provide Administration Commission and Pastoral Council with periodic reports in addition to preparing and reviewing the parish annual report.

Please see our Financial Information page for recent financial reports prepared by the committee.

Christian Formation Commission

The Christian Formation Commission keeps updated on current faith formation programs and makes recommendations concerning these programs. The commission also considers and develops new programs. A responsibility of the CFC is to seek parish feedback and communicate parishioner concerns and needs to the appropriate education minister. Additionally, the CFC discusses, monitors, and approves the education programs’ budgets and policies. The CFC meets monthly, September through May. Meetings are usually held the second Wednesday of the month. Parishioners are welcome to attend and offer items for consideration.The CFC is composed of the following members: 

  • Pastor
  • Director of Adult Faith Formation
  • Director of Youth Ministry
  • Director of Pre-K-5 Religious Education
  • 6-8 At-Large Members

Christian Service Commission

The Christian Service Commission (CSC) is a combination of many committees whose responsibility it is to provide opportunities to serve God and those in need. The CSC contributes coordination, planning, assessing needs, and aids in establishing the ministry efforts of the parish. Likewise, the commission can serve as a link with the various agencies of the Diocese involved in various aspects of social ministry which includes Catholic Charities, Social Concerns and family ministry.

The CSC also serves to raise the consciousness of our parish community relative to:

  • The biblical basis for social ministry
  • The social teachings of the Church
  • The social issues that confront Christians in today´s society
  • The human needs of people.

The CSC implements its goal of meeting human needs by:

  • Attending the immediate needs of people who come to us
  • Acting to deal with the root causes of the problems
  • Speaking out on behalf of others
  • Empowering others to act on their own behalf.

To learn more about the groups and committees that comprise the CSC, please click here.

Christian Worship Commission

The Christian Worship Commission is a collaborative body charged with overseeing the liturgical worship at St. Margaret Mary. The commission is made up of the coordinators of the liturgical ministries, a pastor delegate (deacon), a liaison to the Parish Council, and optionally two at-large members.