This group provides advice and support to the parish Justice & Outreach Minister in planning educational events, advocacy campaigns, liturgical resources and other activities that enable the parish to fulfill its social mission to provide charity and justice in our community, our nation and our world.

Parish Social Mission Weeks

Periodically our parish focuses on the principles of Catholic Social Teaching in a more intentional way. During our parish social mission weeks our liturgies, homilies educational programs and other parish activities raise up one or more important aspect of Catholic teaching as it relates to human dignity, human rights and our special concern for the poor.

E-Mail Legislative Alert Network

In order to bring our Catholic values and visions into the political arena, our parish E-Mail Legislative Action Alert provides parishioners with an opportunity to become involved in the political process on issues that affect the human dignity and rights of all people in accordance with Catholic Social Teaching. Participants will receive timely legislative action alerts on the issues of their choosing. This action alert network is only available to those with access to e-mail.

How you can participate:

  1. Study the issues described below and determine which ones you would like to address as a member of the action alert network.
  2. Complete the Response Form and return it in person to the parish office or retun it by mail to: Legislative Action Alert Network, St. Margaret Mary Parish, 1450 Green Trails Dr., Naperville, IL  60540.

Your information will be added to the network and you will begin receiving background materials on pending legislation, official Church position statements and action alerts on the issues you have chosen.

Issues the Legislative Action Alert Network addresses:

  • Abortion/Euthanasia/Cloning & Stem Cell Research
  • Anti-Poverty (TANF/Welfare/WIC)
  • Death Penalty
  • Education/Childcare
  • Environment
  • Health Care
  • Housing/Homelessness
  • Hunger
  • International Peace & Human Rights

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