The Religious Education office has many resources including over 800 books and 300 videos and DVDs that can be used for teaching R.E. classes.

A great deal of information helpful to catechists (such as classroom teaching techniques, safety procedures, discipline procedures, etc.) can be be found in the 2019-20 Catechist Handbook.

The Diocesan Faith Formation Office has asked us to track the hours that catechists spend in formation. Credit is given for any catechetical workshop, Bible study, adult faith formation program, etc. that you attend, and for any faith-related book or article you read or video you watch. Click Catechist Record of Formation to download the form you will need to record your hours. Please turn in completed forms to the office.

Parish Library Resources


Over 300 videos (available on the ROKU Media Player) can be used during class.

A large selection of CDs are also available for class use. Please contact the office for more information.


Our library has over 800 books that can be used in classes.

Catechist Online Resources