Have you ever wanted to participate in a small faith community, but schedule and fighting traffic kept you from doing so? Have you found it difficult to stay faithful to a mediation practice or regular prayer? If so, you might find SMM’s new online meditation chapel a helpful resource. You can learn all about it at www.contemplativecommunity.org.

Chapels are hosted by trained leaders Mondays – Thursdays and Saturdays each week. You can participate when you are able. We connect together in our online chapel through the video conferencing platform, Zoom. In order to participate in any of the online chapels, you will need to register. Once you have registered, an email will be sent to you with the URL and all the info you will need for participating in any of the chapels throughout the week.

The chapel experience is one hour long and takes place in two parts. You are welcome to stay for part or all of the experience. The first half of our time is spent together in silent prayer/meditation. To see, hear and join with others throughout our community can be a profoundly connecting, expansive and intimate experience. The second half of the chapel time is reserved for reflecting on scripture and simple faith sharing. 

For many of us, this time in community binds us together in love. In order to foster a respectful and supportive community, we need to be especially sensitive to each other. We observe these guidelines for effective sharing. Know you are always welcome and can come and go as you are able.