The Mass

Mystery behind Meaning of Mass

Exploring the New Roman Missal

Vatican II

Celebrating the Treasures of Vatican II

Before Vatican II

The Eucharist

How Does the Eucharist Change Us?

Thoughts on the Eucharist

Perceptions of Reality

The Underbelly of the Obvious

Contemplation–a Way of Perceiving Life

Diagrams Built on Triangles

Seminarian’s Retreat, Consecrated in Truth

Seminarian’s Retreat, Part One

Seminarian’s Retreat, Part Two

Seminarian’s Retreat, Part Three





Friendship and Marriage

Charismatic Talks

Explanation Baptism in the Holy Spirit, YC

God’s Call to Life, Mass Homily

Baptism in the Holy Spirit

The Holy Trinity, LSS

Introduction to the Spirit LSS

Fullness of Christian Life, LSS

Openness to the Holy Spirit, LSS

Living Up to Potential, Seeking Wholeness

God, The Holy Spirit

Discernment of Spirits

Discernment, LSS Reunion

Prayer, LSS Reunion

God, the Holy Spirit

When I Am Lifted Up Charismatic

Additional Topics

Finding Hope In a Darkened World

What is Church

 Enneagram Insights

Catholicism 101 The Healing Sacraments

Part I What Did We Learn From Luther Pastor Lou

Part II What Did We Learn From Luther Father Paul

Lenten Practices

Giving Us Living Water

Continuity-from the Scriptures through Vatican II a Walk on an Ancient Path

End of Life Issues

Advent, More than a Season

When I Disagree with Church Teachings

 Exploring the New Roman Missal

Mystery behind Meaning of Mass

In Remembrance, Seder


Forgive 70 x 7– How

Four Principles of Prayer

The Eucharist Why We Do What We Do

Introduction to Christian Morality

Bread for the Wilderness Small Faith-sharing

 The Ten Commandments

The Tradition of Intercessory Prayer

Liturgy and Trust

 Lent A Season of Grace

 Finding Strength for Your Journey through Scripture

Freedom in Forgiveness

 Life in Christ

 Background and Application of the Psalms

Where is the Church Heading


 Fate Faith Freedom

The Bible Unbaffled–What’s In It for Us

Jesus Embodies Everything, Men’s CRHP on God