Try our online chapel! It’s free and is open to anyone interested in the spiritual practice of meditation and lectio divina. SMMP offers virtual meditation chapels, open at different days and times each week, where you can experience the enrichment and community of online contemplation. Please click this link to register and learn more

The chapel experience is less than one hour long and takes place in two parts. The first half is spent together in silent prayer/meditation. The second half is for reflecting on a short Lenten reading chosen and simple faith sharing.

Online Chapel Schedule

Monday  7:00 am    John Blumberg & Julia Pryce

Tuesday  7:00 am    Ellen Wiggins & Ed Shuma

Wednesday   noon    Al Gustafson

Thursday 8:00 am   Marybeth Coleman & Eileen O’Shea

Friday 10:00 am       Al Gustafson

Saturday 7:00 am    Kate DeVries

If you have questions, please contact Al Gustafson at