Dear St. Margaret Mary Parishioners,

For the past year, the Pastoral Council and Parish Commissions have been engaged in the work of discerning areas of focus for SMMP for the years to come. In light of their work, I would like to present to you a survey composed of priorities that were discerned by the commissions. We have four commissions in total: Administration, Christian Formation, Christian Service, and Christian Worship. Each meets regularly to help parishioners live out our parish calling; coordinate the ministries within its area; support the work of the committees within the commission; communicate and work with the Pastoral Council about pastoral matters related to its function.

The purpose of the survey is to receive feedback regarding what priorities you think are important for our parish. It will assist the commissions in assessing how to focus their time and energy, which will ultimately assist in the development of a vision for our parish moving forward. When rating a statement, the smaller the number, the higher the priority. Each commission was also given the space for one question and additional comments as needed. Please take a few minutes to offer your feedback.

Finally, you will notice there is a section entitled, “Questions from Fr. Max.” As your Pastor, I think it’s critically important that I get to know my parishioners and that you have an opportunity to express things you would like me to know. Whether it’s answering some or all of the provided questions, any feedback in that section would be much appreciated and will help me to serve you in the coming years as your Pastor.

Please submit your responses by September 1st to allow us time to consider them.

Thank you for your time!

Sincerely in Christ,

Fr. Max Behna

Click here to complete the survey

(this is a link to a new form – we had technical issues with the last version). Please rank the choices in order from 1 to 10 (assigning a different number in order of importance ranking all items in each section).