Catholic Women’s Café

A gathering of women sharing fellowship and faith with the intent of deepening our relationship with Christ. Through scripture, storytelling, video, song, reflection and sharing we encourage each other to live the gospel daily. Join us monthly in the Upper Room as we enjoy coffee and tea, light refreshments and conversation together. Please see our program page for more information.


  1. Why do we call it café?
    Cafés are a place of warmth and hospitality promoting relaxation and sharing. As friends and women seeking a deeper relationship with God, we meet to encourage continual growth in our faith lives, nurture each other and enjoy each other’s company.
  2. Do I have to register inorder to attend?
    No, all are welcome! Feel free to simply drop in. There is always room for everyone.
  3. May I bring a friend?
  4. Are only parishioners welcome?
    No, all women of all ages are welcome, friends and family alike.
  5. Am I expected to participate?
    No, the choice to share is completely up to you.
  6. Who is eligible to participate on the planning team?
    We welcome all who have attended prior cafe sessions and feel they are being called by the Holy Spirit to participate on the leadership team. Feel free to contact us at

Upcoming Meetings

Saintly Spiritual Support

Whether canonized or not, the saints before our time and now living among us teach us wisdom for our lives

Christmas Around the World

Come learn about the diversity of God’s children and how they celebrate Christmas around the world

Everyday Expressions of Faith

Join us in exploring what evangelization and missionary discipleship is in our time

more meetings in 2023 to be announced soon…

Café Planning Team