Signup for Gift Bearer at Mass

Did you want to be a gift bearer?

The Worship Commission is trying out a new way to have you and your friends or family sign up to bring up the gifts during Mass. We are really hoping that almost all parishioners sign up at least once each year. The signup and steps are very easy:

1. Sign up for a Mass using this link:
Alternatively, you can call the parish office at 630-369-0777 to sign up. If you change your mind, you can easily delete your name or call the parish office a few days before the weekend.
2. Groups should be between 3-5 people
3. Singles and couples are encouraged to sign up, but please highlight that someone else can sign up with you to make the group 3-5 people. If no one does, the ushers can also assist.
4. Check in with an usher before Mass
5. Sit where you like in Church
6. When collection begins, head to back of Church and follow usher instructions.

Being a gift bearer is a great way to more actively participate in Mass. Please consider signing up!

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